About the Department

Welcome to the psychology department. Our goal is to provide students with a broad background in psychology, as well as to prepare students for graduate training or for entry into careers related to psychology. Modern psychology is the scientific study of brain, mind, and behavior, and is an exciting, rapidly expanding, and ever-changing field of scientific inquiry.

As a discipline, psychology is exceedingly rich and diverse, encompassing a variety of theoretical and applied points of view, such as the behavioral, biological, clinical, cognitive, developmental, evolutionary, and social perspectives.

The new psychology curriculum is the proud achievement of the faculty members to meet the changing needs of this exciting discipline. We believe that our majors and minors are benefiting greatly from the updated psychology curriculum. First, several new psychology courses and support courses have been added to the curriculum, reflecting recent trends in psychology today. In addition, students will enjoy increased freedom of choice in course selection, allowing them to concentrate in areas of psychology that reflect personal and professional interests.

As you explore our department website, we hope that you will find the information you seek about our department and the programs and courses that we offer. You will also find information about our faculty and staff. If you are unable to find the information you are seeking on our website, please contact our office directly at 978.542.6354.