Programs in Political Science

The political science department offers two bachelor's degree programs and three minors. The Bachelor of Arts (BA) program is a liberal arts course of study incorporating a foreign language requirement and a minor from some other complementary discipline. The Bachelor of Science (BS) program does not include the foreign language requirement or require a minor, but does include courses in empirical political analysis. Three concentrations are also available for the BS program, reflecting the main fields within the discipline of political science. These optional concentrations do not add to the total number of credits required for graduation. Fifteen-credit minors are offered in Political Science, International Relations and Public Policy and Public Administration.

Political Science Transfer Students

Usually, students may transfer in no more than fifteen credits of political science courses into the major (BA or BS). Additional transferred courses will have to be counted as free electives. There may be exceptions.

Education Majors

When a student successfully completes the Salem State education degree program s/he will qualify to apply for an initial teaching license from the Massachusetts Department of Education. Current Massachusetts teacher licensing requirements call for a second major in the arts and sciences in addition to a major in Education. The second major is your choice and should be selected on the basis of interest and the grade-level you desire to teach. Political science is a highly appropriate second major for education students, and we are happy to meet with current and prospective education majors to discuss this option. Please contact our department chairperson for further information.