Minor in Arabic Studies

The minor in Arabic studies is an interdisciplinary minor offered by the world languages and cultures department. The minor is comprised of 18 credits, including 12 credits of Arabic language, plus two additional courses chosen from history, geography, or additional Arabic courses. Other courses related to the Arabic world may be substituted for the elective courses on the list below with permission of the department chairperson.

Required Courses: (12 credits)

  • ARA101 Elementary Arabic I
  • ARA 102 Elementary Arabic II
  • ARA 201 Intermediate Arabic I
  • ARA 202 Intermediate Arabic II

Elective Courses: choose two (six credits)

  • ARA 301 Advanced Arabic I
  • ARA 302 Advanced Arabic II
  • GPH 237 Geography of the Middle East
  • HST 237 History of the Middle East
  • HST 372 History of Islamic Civilization