Health & Consumer Science Minor - Non-Teacher Track

Students can earn a minor in health and consumer science to connect their interests in the health-related fields. These courses serve as a solid foundation for students who wish to explore career opportunities in the fields of health promotions, health education as well as public and community health.  Note: This minor does not lead student teaching experiences or teacher licensure for Health/Family and Consumer Sciences.  The Health and Consumer Science Minor-Non-Teacher Track consists of 15 credits.


SMS 361 Issues in Public and Community Health (Spring only) 3 credits
SMS 261 Consumer Health (Spring only) 3 credits
SMS 250 Nutrition and Physical Performance 3 credits
SMS 351 Disease and Illness of the Physically Active (Spring only) 3 credits
Choose one (1) of the following Sport and Movement Science Elective Courses: (3 credits)
SMS 291 Marketing and Public Relations in Sport Industries
SMS 260 Intro to Health Education and Health Promotion (Fall only)
SMS 303 Exercise Psychology: Enhancing Health and Well-Being
SMS 195 Health Seminar: Women in Today’s World
SMS 196 Men's Health Seminar
SMS 360 Stress & Health Empowerment