Edi Rovi '14; Music/Secondary Education


"I chose Salem State because I knew that I was going to get a great education for a fair price, and would truly get an individualized education. Classes are small enough where the professor can know you on a personal level, and that help is always available when needed. Salem State offers some of the same classes as many other major universities, however, at Salem State, you do not get lost in a 300 person crowd when trying to learn.

Music has always been a part of my life; I started to play the piano at age five. My father is a music teacher, so I had the advantage of always looking up to him for support. It is the only field that I can feel comfortable being in and I hope to someday become a music educator, like my father. The music faculty at Salem State has helped me reach closer to my goals and continues to enhance my knowledge in music.

After graduating from Salem State University, I hope to pursue a job in music education and simultaneously pursue a masters in music. Music has always been a part of my life; some of my fondest memories are playing in my high school band or school plays. All of my music professors past and present have made an impact on me in some way, and it is my hope that I can bring this same love for music I have to those around me. Teachers have the great ability to share knowledge and to share their love for a given subject, and it is my hopes that one day I can show others how wonderful music education can be."