Amanda Knox '13, Major: History; Minor: Political Science

Amanda Knox

"I knew I wanted to come to Salem State when I was a freshman in high school. As a history major, Salem State’s location was among the biggest benefits but it was also the only school that allowed me to concentrate in both public history and United States history—the main subjects I wanted to focus in. As an aspiring archivist I knew this, along with my political science minor, would greatly help me achieve my goals.

I’ve had a vested interest in history my whole life so it was no difficult task for me to declare history as my major. United States history has been my primary interest but since I hope to work in an archive or museum, the public history concentration is the perfect addition. My ultimate goal is to end up working for the National Archives and an undergrad degree in history is my first step.   

My best experiences at Salem State have by far been my interactions with my professors. Many of my history and political science professors took the time to get to know me and often give me advice for my present and my future. My professors have already been where I hope to go so their help and accessibility have really been amazing."