Tyler Mac Innis '10, Major: Political Science

Tyler Mac Innis '10

"I believe affordable higher education is a keystone piece to a healthy and equitable society. As a state university, Salem State provides high quality education at a manageable cost to students. Prior to Salem State, I attended a larger university where a typical introductory level course held about 350 students. The smaller class sizes at Salem State allow the talented faculty to invest more time in their students and in turn develop lasting relationships with them as they move forward.  

Salem State offers students a wide variety of disciplines to study and a diverse student body to learn alongside. Students are able to become well-rounded individuals not only through interdisciplinary coursework, but more importantly by learning from classmates from different backgrounds. Learning in this way helps produce global citizens able to work collaboratively to solve complex issues.

What I will remember most about Salem State are the courses built around discussion and debate. I learned more in courses where students would sit in a circle around the room and simply discuss an issue than ever before in my life."