Via Perkins '13, Major: Music; Minor: Photography

Via Perkins

"There is no question that Salem State was the right school for my undergraduate degree, given my diverse range of interests and ambitious goals. I have been able to explore many of the areas of my interests not only through courses, but also through on-campus events, jobs and groups. Sometimes it is a struggle to pick and choose which things to be involved with, because there is never a lack of great opportunities at this school to challenge oneself and to grow.

Salem State’s music program is unique in that it is a relatively new and small department, yet it boasts a large offering of classes, ensembles, and both on and off-campus opportunities. It is an accredited program with highly professional and experienced faculty members who are always willing to provide students with direction, feedback and advice. I have grown a lot as a musician, and as a person, while being a student of the music department.

I have already been offering private guitar lessons as an entrepreneur while being a full-time student, so I will continue to provide them after I graduate. I also seek to perform at nursing homes around the Metro-West area, providing music to demographic that desperately needs its uplifting and therapeutic qualities. Due to my experience in three different vocal ensembles, and my years of vocal lessons at Salem State, I am also interested in looking for a position in a local ensemble, singing music from the Medieval, Baroque or Renaissance periods."