Professor Noel Healy publishes his research on collaborative tourism planning and governance

Professor Noel Healy and President of Ireland Michael D Higgins at the Boston Trade Centre May 2012

Professor Noel Healy (the geography department’s newest faculty member) recently published his research in the Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning. His research, "Collaborative tourism planning in Ireland: Tokenistic consultation and the politics of participation" examines the political structures that shape Irish tourism development and decision-making--unearthing the connections between Irish politics and planning. 

This publication followed-up what was a fruitful year of research. Professor Healy was awarded a Salem State University faculty summer research grant to study Ireland’s protected area governance system. Stemming from this project, professor Healy published the paper "Protected area governance conflicts in Ireland - mending poor relations and new modes of governance" presenting it at the sixth International MMV in Stockholm, Sweden. During the year, Dr. Healy also presented research at NESTVAL 2012 (Montreal) and the AAG 2012 (NYC). Professor Healy was also invited to give a talk at California State University, Long Beach--his lecture was entitled, “A Nod and a Wink – the Politics of Participation in Irish Protected Area Planning.”


Professor’s Healy’s current research involves collaborating with one of the nation’s leading tourism scholars--Professor Tazim Jamal of Texas A&M. This project involves developing a new typology of tourist space which can be used to track the transformation of natural area destinations. Further collaborations include a comparative tourism research project between the North and the Republic of Ireland with Professor Stephen Boyd of the University of Ulster. Dr. Healy is also exploring funding for a number of research grants including a project on Local Governance at World Heritage Sites: Policies, Processes and Practice.


Dr. Healy has also successfully linked is research with his teaching at Salem State. In May 2013, he will be co-leading a nine day summer I fieldtrip to Ireland where students will get the opportunity to participate in some of Professor Healy’s Irish research projects. Dr. Healy also attended a “Peace, Governance and Diminishing Resources” panel discussion at MIT where his holiness the Dalai Lama and some of the world’s experts on environmental sciences and engineering, economics, management, and public health addressed the most urgent global challenges facing us today. According to Dr. Healy, “the most satisfying part of attending such a stimulating conference was being able to disseminate this knowledge to students at Salem State and getting them to think about and critique the complex web of human impacts driven by population growth and climate change”.


(Photo: Professor Noel Healy and President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins at the Boston Trade Centre in May 2012)