Past Northeast Regional Readiness Center Events

December 11, 2013. Lowell Public Schools Central Office 2:00-4:00 pm; Pre-kindergarten to kindergarten: Opportunities and challenges in assessment and transition” 

Please join us for a cross sector discussion regarding the transition of youth from Pre-School to Kindergarten programs. All staff, administrators and families involved in preschool and kindergarten instruction are invited. REGISTER

November 1, 2012 Overview of KEA tools and resources: COMPLETED. 25 early educators attended. Repeat on Nov 30. Individuals interested in participating in early education events can contact: Contact for more information.

CPR and Basic First Aid for PreSchool and Out of School Educators


December 17, 2013, 8:30-3:00- .5 CEU's and certification from AHA. This workshop is a video based, instructor led CPR and basic first aid training. Hosted at Salem State University REGISTER


Engineering Adventures (EA) a new curriculum for After School/OST programs is partnering with NSCC to offer a full day workshop.


December 18, 2013 8:30-3:00- .5 CEUs. Host: NSCC Danvers. This workshop is focused towards program staff who serve grades 3-5 youth in after school/summer programs. The workshop will include strategies for instruction and skill development for two hands on standards based activities. We will provide materials for participants to take back with them for their own workshops and activities. Registration is limited.  REGISTER


WIDA Train the Trainer: December 9-11, 2013. Three day intensive training on the WIDA basics for individuals interested in being able to run workshops and seminars at their institutions. This workshop is sponsored by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. For more information and registration information please click :REGISTER


STEM Squared Series for Elementary Educators: This series is brought to you through a collaboration with Manchester Essex Regional School District, KnowAtom, Gordon College and NRRC. All of the workshops are 8:30-3:00 and hosted at Gordon College in Wenham. The registration link will bring to to specific details for each. Register for two or more and receive PDP's for participation and file project.

  December 10, 9 am-2:30 pm: “Cultivating Student Scientific Habits and Inquiry Skill: Supporting Peers with Feedback” REGISTER

By the end of this workshop, elementary educators will:

Discuss and identify best practices in the inquiry classroom, including methods and pedagogy.

Discuss effective peer-to-peer coaching strategies.

Practice peer-to-peer coaching skills for STEM methods and content.

Second Planned STEM Industry Site Visit: TBA


January 7, 9 am-2:30 pm: “Finding STEM Time-on-Learning: Teaching Common Core ELA and MATH with STEM content and process” REGISTER

By the end of this workshop, elementary educators will:

 Discuss concept of Understanding by Design (UbD) lesson architecture.

Examine model lessons that follow STEM concept from standard through assessment.

Develop/redesign teachers’ own MATH/ELA/Social Studies lessons with focus on cross-content integration with STEM (teachers will bring several past lesson plans to work on).

Round-table discussion: Dialogue with STEM higher education and industry representatives to explore how elementary school STEM foundations combine with hard and soft skills in area STEM colleges/careers (panel members TBA).

February 4, 9 am-2:30 pm:“Working with a common language: Identifying resources that support core instruction outside the classroom” REGISTER

By the end of this workshop, elementary educators will:

Identify common STEM language to be able to use resources that support your model for core instruction.

Identify inquiry activities and resources that enhance core instruction of standards content, process, and systems outside the classroom.

June 4, 9 am-2:30 pm: Elementary STEM Summit at Gordon College. A separate sign–up and schedule of event activities will be published by the Northeast Regional Readiness Center at a later date.

November 19, 9 am-2:30 pm: “Industry and Higher Education: Elementary Skills Required for College/Career Readiness” Completed 50 participants

Principals Overview on Teaching Strategies Gold (Completed 30 participants)
November 6, 2013 :This session is designed for the elementary school building principal who may or may not be directly overseeing the MKEA (Mass Kindergarten Entry Assessment) project for their district. Specifically, attendees will learn about the whole child assessment system, Teaching Strategies Gold, how this program and process can help inform on student’s strengths and challenges and most importantly, how you can use the reports and documents to support communication to parents, teachers and the community. Find out how this system can help you meet school and district benchmarks. Presenters: Donna Traynham, department of elementary and secondary education and Nancy Hart, Teaching Strategies Gold consultant.

New Teachers Introduction to Teaching Strategies Gold (Completed)

This session is for new teachers joining districts implementing the MKEA using Teaching Strategies Gold. This is an overview of the assessment system. Teachers will have an opportunity to ask questions and explore methods for increasing their understanding of the tool. This is a nice complement for the online modules available for teachers through TSG, providing a on the ground opportunity to increase your comfort and familiarity with TSG.


October 15 and 16, 2013: Teaching Strategies Gold Administrative Training (Completed 25 participants). Salem State University. This is a two day training for individuals who would like to take the next step in supporting KEA in their district. Participants must have completed the basic TSG training. First priority goes to Cohort I and II school districts.

September 19, 2013: KEA Pilot II Professional Learning Team Meeting. Lawrence, EEC Regional Office. 9–11 am. Representatives from the northeast region are invited to a shared discussion on implementation of the MKEA, strategies for successfully managing early learning assessments and lessons learned from other regions. COMPLETED thank you for attending. 30 attendees. Next meeting October 31, 2013.

September 11, 2013: Regional Discussion on Massachusetts Definition of College and Career Readiness for STE fields. Hosted by Salem State University. 9-11 am. Industry, college and school disctrict representatives are invited to a meeting with the Massachusetts Department of Education to review and provide feedback on the statewide definition.

August 19, 2013: Adult Education, Graduate EquivalencyExam and the Common Core. Lawrence, Asian Center. 9–11 am. This is a regional discussion to determine what type of support and training ABE programs may need to amend and/or enhance their curriculum and instruction to meet the new learning standards for the proposed new assessment. State and regional organizations spearheading the advancement of ABE will be there to work with the team and map out a plan for the coming year. Please register with Sharon.

January 27, 2014: OST Professional Team Meeting for ASOST Grant Receipents. For more information contact Christine Shaw.




Rescheduling for Early Dec: Transitions in Mathematics 2013. 9-11 am. Essex Agricultural Institute, Danvers, Mass. In 2013, the MCAS mathematics tests will be assessing the new 2011 Massachusetts Curriculum Framework for Mathematics. There are many changes and challenges ahead. The transition plans and assessable standards lists are posted on the ESE assessment website, but educators might like further information to understand how the MCAS tests are changing for grades 3-8 and how the Grade 10 test is essentially remaining unchanged. Topics to be covered include: Challenges inherent in transitioning the Grade 10 MCAS mathematics test; differences in the transition plan for the MCAS mathematics tests in grades 3-8; details on how the “assessable standards” lists were determined; and understanding what “assessable” means. Registration:http//


October 26, 2012: CCSS 101 and PARCC 101: What these projects mean to higher education and how we can engage in the process. 9 am-2 pm. Hosted at Bunker Hill Community College in partnership with Greater Boston RRC and NRRC. Contact for more information.


October 16, 2012: ATMIM  Dine and Discuss - PARCC and the New Assessment System  Hopedale Junior-Senior High School 4 pm.


October 9, 2012 N.E. Guidance Counselors Presentation: COMPLETED: 45 participants including both preservice guidance students from SSU and professional guidance counselors and administrators. PARCC, Educator Evaluation and CCSS for Guidance Staff. Hosted at Salem State University.


Fall 2012 Early Education Courses and Workshops: CEU Trainings and college course offerings through the R3P - Region 3 Educator and Provider Support grant from EEC have been posted to our web (please note, that the forms are 'requests' for a class or workshop. You are not registered until you have completed the registration process with the provider/college.


September 20, 2012: NRRC Advisory Board Meeting, EEC Lawrence Office12:30 - 2:30 pm. Update on National and State initiatives. Recommendations and approval of 2012-13 events and activities for the NRRC.


August 20, 2012: Update on PARCC national project for assessing the Common Core State Standards. 10 am at Middlesex Community College in Bedford. Contact: if you are interested in registering.


July 31-August 2 Curriculum Leaders Exchange: Summer Writing Institute: COMPLETED. 120 educators from across the Northeast region participated in a three day writing institute developing writing prompts and grading rubrics for k-8 writing assessments. The prompts will be utilized in the field and a follow up workshop series will be offered next spring/summer to cross score writing samples using revised materials.


June 6 and 7: BEST faculty workshop. Museum of Science. The BEST program is working to integrate science and engineering/technology content into pre-service education programs through collaboration between science and education faculty at colleges and universities across the Commonwealth. If you are interested in the BEST program or EiE please contact Martha Hass,


May 30, 2012: NSCC and Lynn Classical 'Early College' Program kick off: COMPLETED. 24 high school students and their families joined members of the NSCC community and Lynn Public School administrators for an evening introducing the program and STEM activities. These students are part of a two year collaboration following them through the 11th and 12th grade years of high school with integration of college coursework. Upon completion they will have earned up to 12 college credits.


May 25, 2012: NSCC PARRC Engagement Team Meeting, NSCC Lynn.COMPLETED. NSCC had over fifty participants representing school districts and college departments participate in a morning long series of breakout sessions to define college readiness.


May 24, 2012: EEC Contractor Training for Financial Management System,SSU. COMPLETED 60 participants.


May 21-25, 2012: WIDA Trainings with DESE, NSCC. COMPLETED. 30 Train the Trainers for three day intensive and two day training for 60 participants.


May 21, 2012: Enhancing Content Learning with Disciplinary Literacy, Grades 6-12, Gordon College, 9:30-11:30 am. COMPLETED. 88 participants.


May 15, 2012: Next Generation Science Standards, NECC COMPLETED. Over 50 educators participated in the discussion regarding the draft of the NGSS. DESE is requesting input from educators before June 1, 2012 to help refine and advise on the standards. Mass. will then consider the standards as they move forward with revising our Curriculum Frameworks for STE.  The first draft of the NGSS is now available for public review until June 1, 2012. Feedback from the public is strongly encouraged. This draft will be modified based on responses during this review period. The draft NGSS and the survey to submit feedback can be found at


May 9, 2012: Think Differently Follow up session COMPLETED the participants completed the workshop applying the strategies for 'plan B' when interacting with children/teens.


May 8, 2012: Regional PARCC Discussion, COMPLETED 35 participants representing the five different engagement teams, and NRRC board members met and reflected on the definition(s) and methods for measuring college readiness. The minutes from the meeting are available. Please contact if you are interested.


April 24, 2012: PK Common Core Standards Overview: COMPLETED. 52 participants representing district and community based early education providers. Additional workshops will be available in the summer and fall. For more information please contact the NRRC office. Salem State University Marsh Hall. 9-11:30 am.


April 4, 2012: Think:Kids workshop on behavior management. Completed 50 participants representing youth programs across the region attended this four hour workshop (with 2 hour follow up in May) on the Think:Kids program offered through Mass. General Hospital.


March 22, 2012: NRRC Advisory Board meeting. Salem State University 11:30 am - 1:30 pm.


For Early Educators Professional Development visit:  The R3P grant offers CEU's, undergraduate and graduate level courses for early educators.


NRRC Higher Education PARCC Conversations: Feb-Apr 2012: Each of the public higher education institutions in the Northeast region will be convening Campus Engagement Teams to discuss the definition of college ready.


NRRC Regional Common Core Workshops, March 13 (Lowell), March 14 (Salem): COMPLETED 100+ participants. Materials listed on the resources page. 


NRRC Common Core Workshops for Administrators, March 2 (ELA) , COMPLETED.


DESE Diving Deeper into the Common Core for Mathematics (train the trainer), February 1, 2012: 16 Trainers from NE region attended.


DESE Diving Deeper into the Common Core for ELA and Literacy (train the trainer), January 20, 2012: 15 Trainers from NE region attended.


MEPA computer based Assessment System, January, 20 2012: COMPLETED: 26 participants trained in the MEPA computer based assessment tool.


BEST Workshop for Higher Education Faculty January 9, 2012:COMPLETED Museum of Science BEST participating colleges and universities will be meeting to review new unit and share best practices for implementing engineering activities into science, mathematics and educator preparation course work at the college level. For more information on MOS and EiE please visit their webpage.


Executive Committee Meeting December 13, 2011: COMPLETED NRRC Executive Committee is meeting at 10 am to review regional proposals, update on activities, and discuss state agency initiatives. For more information contact Christine.


Elementary Education Science workshop December 2: COMPLETED. Salem State University in partnership with the Museum of Science hosted a workshop on Engineering is Elementary. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the engineering frameworks, learn hands on lab activities and receive a free EiE teacher’s guide. If you would like information about upcoming EiE workshops please contact for more information.


The Journey To Literacy Begins at Birth...and Continues in Many Languages, November 30, 2011:  with Reach Out and Read doctors Perri Klass MD, Mariana Glusman MD, Marilyn Augustyn MD; speaker Susana Carella, MS; and workshops with Sarah DeMedeiros and Raising a Reader staff. $25 registration fee. Program will be held at NECC Haverhill Campus. More information: HERE 

Elementary Education Science workshop November 17:COMPLETED. 18 participants Contact for more information


Pre-K Standards Train the Trainer November 10: Train the trainerCOMPLETED. 25 participants. Powerpoint, handouts and resources available through the NRRC for trained personnel. Anyone interested in a regional or local workshop on these standards please contact: 


Elementary Education Science workshop November 9: COMPLETED. For more information on EiE program please Contact


Incorporating 2011 Curriculum Frameworks into Teacher Preparation and Higher Education Programs, October 14, 2011, Gordon College: COMPLETED 51 participants follow up material on Curriculum Team Webpage

Women in Technology event October 23: COMPLETED


Transition Summit November 4: NRRC will be offering a transitional summit for high school guidance and special education staff interested in learning more about community and college based resources for students with disabilities transitioning out of high school. COMPLETED 120 Attendees- Agency contact information available by contacting

5th Annual Best Practices in Education Conference, November 5, Salem State University: All day conference on a wide range of topics including curriculum updates, family engagement, technology, special education and wellness. COMPLETED 100+ attendees