Child Policy, Education, and Legal Resources

There are a variety of organizations that produce or collect information that is used to create policies on children’s issues.  Some of these policies are specific to one particular issue or a certain group of people; others are broad and inclusive.  Policy oriented organizations are varied, with some seeking to create national or international child policies, while others develop more local policies.  However, most of the web sites contained here focus on improving the national agenda for children

This section contains an extensive list of web sites pertaining to the education of children.  Perhaps the most useful site in this collection is the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) web site which is the primary resource for education information.  There are also web sites that offer information about specific educational issues such as the National Association of Safe Schools web site which provides information about school safety, or the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States web site which offers information about school sex education programs

This collection of web sites provides information about children and the law, juvenile justice, child support enforcement, and other issues relating to laws, policies, and practices that effect children.  An excellent site to begin research on these topics is the American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law web site which contains a wealth of information on a variety of issues concerning children and the law.  The Juvenile Justice Clearinghouse from Florida State University is another excellent site to begin researching and provides extensive information on subjects relating to juvenile justice.  Overall, these web sites offer comprehensive information about children and the law and many contain links to other useful web sites.