Child Care and Safety Information

The web sites listed in this section provide information about day care, early childhood education, or after-school child care.  Some sites provide programming information, such as the California Early Childhood Mentor Program web site, and others provide research and reports such as the National Child Care Information Center.  There are other web sites offering information about child care than are listed in this section, however, this collection of sites contains the major sources of child care information.  

This collection of web sites provides information relating to issues of child safety, such as child abuse and neglect, child injuries, and child violence.  The National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information is an excellent resource for documents and other information about the subject of abuse and neglect.  The Injury Control Resource Information Network is a comprehensive resource for information and statistics about injuries and the Join Together web site is certainly worth exploring if information on gun violence is needed.  This compilation of web sites offers extensive resources and information and should be helpful to anyone exploring these topics.  

There are many web sites relating to child health.  Some sites include information by major health care organizations, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Institute for Child Health Policy.  There are also sites providing information about health care, environmental health issues, birth defects, genetic diseases, physical activity, or international children’s health.  There are also sites that provide on-line medical journals and medical databases, such as the General Pediatrics web site.