Art Teacher Initial Licensure Program

Teacher and students

Academics & Requirements

Individuals seeking art teacher licensure are expected to be academically strong and proficient students. Freshman and sophomores hoping to apply to the School of Education, 4+1 program are required for admission to:

  • Hold a 3.0 minimum GPA
  • Take and submit passing MTEL Communication & Literacy test
  • Provide a writing sample and sit for an interview upon acceptance

Students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher, achieve a grade of B or higher in all art and education courses, and pass the MTEL visual arts subject matter test prior to practicum semester.

Professional Disposition and Attitudes 
- Prospective art educators should be aware of the type of dispositions and professional attitudes expected in the professional world. At Salem State, we seek to develop educators of excellence, and expect students to be committed to growing in personal responsibility and in the demonstration of professional teaching behaviors and attributes. Characteristics that reflect emerging, successful educators include:

  • Good time management and organization
  • The commitment and openness to learning and teaching
  • The ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with others
  • A professional demeanor and appearance

Observation Fieldwork: Students must complete a minimum of 75 hours in two to three diverse visual arts classrooms prior to practicum. A majority of this time should be spent in public school programs, and could be supplemented by afterschool, museum or summer art programs.

Students are responsible for staying informed of test registration deadlines and score reporting dates Students are strongly encouraged to review and take the online practice tests.