School of Graduate Studies Strategic Plan

Committee: Kristen Kuehnle, Keith Ratner, Yvonne Ruiz, Patricia Reblin, Lee Brossoit, Elisa Castillo, Carol Glod, Kathy Neville, Mary Ni

GOAL 1: Advance innovative graduate programs and comprehensive educational opportunities in graduate studies

Objective 1A. Expand innovative academic and programmatic initiatives to meet the mission of the institution and strengthen the workforce within the region.

Objective 1B.  Integrate the School of Graduate Studies into the SSU community.

Objective 1C.  Support departments in identifying, recruiting, and developing full-time graduate faculty in conjunction with the specific needs of individual graduate programs.

Objective 1D.  Targeted increased enrollment, building on faculty and programmatic strength, academic planning, and projected need.

Objective 1E. Promote and increase opportunities for faculty and graduate student research and scholarship.

Objective 1F. Support the professional and career development of graduate students.

GOAL 2:  Advance the prominence of graduate education and the School of Graduate Studies

Objective 2A. Develop a stronger reputation in the Northeast for excellence in graduate education.

Objective 2B. Expand and create international graduate initiatives including research and scholarly work.

Objective 2C. Position the School of Graduate Studies and programs for national and programmatic rankings.

Objective 2D. Re-structure the School of Graduate Studies website to market graduate education and provide updated resources for faculty and students.

Objective 2E.  Cultivate partnerships with other institutions, employers, and agencies.

GOAL 3: Expand diversity initiatives within the graduate community.

Objective 3A. Diversify the graduate student body to reflect the diversity of the greater Boston and Northeast region.

Objective 3B. Build a School of Graduate Studies community that is inclusive of diverse ideas, information and experiences, that demonstrates the commitment to social justice.

GOAL 4: Identify and acquire resources necessary to support the future development of the School of Graduate Studies

Objective 4A. Enhance space on campus to meet the mission and goals of the School of Graduate Studies.

Objective 4B. Assess the need for and feasibility of Graduate Student Housing.

Objective 4C. Develop internal and external funding for research/scholar projects to provide opportunities for faculty and students.

Objective 4D.  Expand student services to meet the current and projected needs of graduate students.


July 19, 2012