The Theatre unit seeks to instill within students: (1) an awareness of theatre as a significant educational and spiritual force, and (2) a desire to contribute to the general improvement of the human condition through the arts. We engage in the pursuit of educational excellence through innovation, tradition and technology and serve as an artistic, cultural and educational resource for the College, other theatre organizations and the community. We provide theatre education and training of the highest quality within a liberal arts setting, fostering personal and artistic development, and encouraging outreach to society at large. We seek to achieve this through: excellence in the classroom and in the production process, with a strong program-to-production link; artistic excellence in productions, which serve as our faculty's research; and, enrichment through the culture, art and community building that our productions provide to the College and the North Shore.

Speech Communication

 The Speech Communication unit seeks to give students: (1) the knowledge and skills in speech communication that will benefit them interpersonally and professionally; and (2) an understanding of the importance of ethical and responsible speech communication in society.