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Three different copies of Soundings East sit on top of one another, in varying colors to display several issues.

Soundings East is the literary journal of Salem State University, published annually with support from the Center for Creative and Performing Arts. Founded in 1973, the journal is edited by upper-level creative students under the aegis of an advisory editor from the writing faculty. Soundings East publishes poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction. Soundings East is dedicated to publishing high-quality literature. Submissions from across the country are submitted and reviewed for publication. The magazine is distributed nationally, with recent press runs of 750 copies.


Poetry Excerpt, Vol 35 [Fall 2013]

His Own Bathroom   --by Robert Cooperman

“Is it too much to ask,” your father demands,
“to be able to crap in my own bathroom?
That’s all I want, to sit down, do my business,
and if it takes me ten minutes to toddle and teeter
back to my bed or recliner, that’s my daily exercise.

“Here,” he waves a winter-limb arm around his room,
“I’m a prisoner; the nurses talk to me like I’m an infant,
worse, a retard, like your Uncle Sid, may he rest in peace.
And so help me, if they flash me that executioner smile
again, I’ll fling what they call lunch at their heads.”

“Know what I really want?” he changes the subject,
knowing any talk of escape was doomed to failure:
“a pastrami on rye, mustard, a sour pickle, and cream soda.
Get me that, and I’ll shut up about the other thing.
And don’t tell me it’ll kill me, like if I stay clean
I’ve got a chance of living forever.”                                                                                      

Hard-copy submissions are read and considered 15 Dec. to 15 April. Multiple submissions accepted.

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