Christopher G Hudson

Christopher G Hudson

Professional Details

Title: Professor
Office: 287 Lafayette-202
Phone: 978-542-6609
Resume: Christopher G Hudson [PDF 181KB]

Spring Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
3046 S2 SWK707 Research for Social Work Practice
3064 S1 SWK845 Mental Health Policy and Services
3069 S3 SWK856 Conducting Social Work Research
3488 P2 SWK842 Field Education IV & Integrated Seminar IV

Professional Biography

Christopher Hudson, Ph.D., DCSW, first entered the field of social work as a community organizer on two Indian reservations at the tail end of the War on Poverty. Shortly after that, in 1974, he obtained his masters in social work from the University of Chicago. During the remainder of that decade he worked as clinical social worker in mental health and family service settings. He then completed his Ph.D. in social work at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1983, specializing in mental health policy and administration. He initially taught in MSW programs in Illinois, North Carolina, and since 1987, with Salem State University. In addition to his responsibilities at Salem State, he has been elected as the President of the 7,700 member Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the NAMI-MA Research of the Year Award, and a William J. Fulbright Senior Faculty Award in Hong Kong (2002/2003). He has also taught and conducted research in international mental health at universities in Auckland, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, and London.

Professional Interests

1. Mental health policy: financing, state mental health, administrative decision making

2. Relationship between mental illness and socio-economic status, including role of poverty

3. Chaos, self-organization, and complex systems theory; nonlinear dynamic modeling

4. Homelessness, policy and epidemiological research; Best case management practices

5. Managed care outcome research; offset effect of psychiatric care on medical utilization

6. Applications of expert systems, simulations, and related technologies in the human services

7. Application of structural equation modeling and other multivariate statistical methods to problems in social policy

8. Linking epidemiology of mental illness with allocation decision making in mental health policy

9. Applications of complex systems and self-organization in human behavior theory

10. Spirituality and social work

11. Geography of mental health / psychiatric epidemiology



Mental Health Policy & Services; Research; Human Behavior & the Social Environment; Spirituality & Social Work; Field Education; Perspectives in International Social Welfare

Selected Publications


Hudson, C.G. (2010). (Foreword by T. Meenaghan). Complex systems and human behavior. Chicago: Lyceum Books.

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CHAPTERS(Since 2005)

Hudson, C.G., Cedeño-Zamor, P., Springer, C., Rosenthal, M., Silvia, S.C., Alexander, S., & Kowal, L. (2006). "Adoption Crossroads: The development of post-adoption services in Massachusetts". In Casey Family Services. (Ed.) Post-adoption experience: Adoptive families service needs and service outcomes. Washington DC: Child Welfare League of America.

BOOK REVIEWS (Since 2005)

Hudson, C.G. (2014). (in press). Review of: Mechanic, D., McAlpine, D., & Rochefort, D.A. (2014). Mental Health and Social Policy. Beyond Managed Care. Pearson. Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare.

Hudson, C.G. (2011, September). Review of: Eghigian, G. (Ed.), From madness to mental health. Psychiatric disorder and its treatment in western civilization. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press. Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare, pp. 199-201.

Selected Presentations

PEER REVIEWED (Since 2005)

Hudson, C. Local Disparities in the Risk of Serious Mental Illness in three Nations: Israel, New Zealand, and the United States. Society for Social Work Research, San Antonio, TX, January 2014.

Hudson, C., Abbott, M., & Soskolne, V. Disparities in the Geography of Mental Illness in Three Nations: A Comparison of Israel, New Zealand, and the United States. 7th International Conference of Social Work in Health and Mental Health, Los Angeles, June 2013.

Hudson, C. Improvements in Mental Health over the Adult Life Span: A Multi-Nation Study. 7th International Conference of Social Work in Health and Mental Health, Los Angeles, June 2013.

Vissing, Y., & Hudson, C. Homeless Children and Youth: An examination of legal challenges and directions. Presented at the Sociology of Law session, American Sociological Association annual meeting. August 17, 2012.

Vissing, Y. and C. Hudson. Homeless children and youth: An examination of legal challenges and directions. American Sociological Association Annual Meeting. Denver, CO. August 2012.

Estimating prevalence of serious mental illness in local service areas in New Zealand, Society for Social Work Research, Washington DC, January 2012.

Presentation on Complex Systems and Human Behavior (Lyceum Books, 2010), Annual Program Meeting, Council on Social Work Education, Portland, OR, October 2010.

Use of small areas estimation methods in community needs assessments, Workshop, 2010 Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research, San Francisco, 2010.

Validation of a model for estimating state and local prevalence of serious mental illness, 2009 Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research, New Orleans, 2009

A comparative analysis of health care needs of housed and housing distressed high school students, with Yvonne Vissing as lead author, American Sociological Association, Boston, August 2009.

A comparison of acute psychiatric care under Medicaid carve-outs, HMOs, and Fee-for-Service Plans, 2008 Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research, Washington, DC, January 2008.

Problem solving, decision making, and creativity: Emerging strategies. National Association of Social Workers, Massachusetts, Symposium 2008, April, 2008.

Workshop: Strategies and techniques for the analysis of secondary databases (“Conference Highlight”), Conference of the Society for Social Work Research, January 2007, San Francisco.

Decision making in evidence-based practice: Science and art (“Outstanding Abstract” Award), 5th International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health, December 2006, Hong Kong.

The impact of managed care on the psychiatric offset effect: A latent growth curve model, Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research, January 2006, San Antonia, TX.

Personal Interests

Spirituality and consciousness, piano, sailing, bicycling, hiking, caving, jogging, skiing, foreign travel, folk dancing, family history/genealogy, computers, & others

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