Mary P Byrne

Mary P Byrne

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Title: Associate Professor
Office: 287 Lafayette-006
Phone: 978-542-6638
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Spring Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
3496 S1 SWK850R Selected Topics: Children and Family Services
3497 P1 SWK722 Field Education II and Integrated Seminar II
3643 S1 SWK373 Selected Topics in Social Work
3668 01 SWK373 Selected Topics in Social Work

Professional Biography

Mary Byrne, PhD,LICSW

Brief BiographicalSketch

Mary Byrne, PhD, LICSW has been a professional social worker for over 30 years. She earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology and psychology from Regis College, Weston, MA. Originally an educator in urban schools, she began working as a family and child welfare social worker, where she developed her interest in innovative family-based intervention with multi-stressed families. Following this experience, she obtained her MSW degree at the School of Social Service Administration,University of Chicago, where she earned the Dixon Award for excellence in field education practice. Returning to Massachusetts, Mary became involved with leadership positions in various progressive family and child welfare programs, and for several years was Director of Community-based Services for Family Continuity Programs and co-founded the Massachusetts Family-Based Provider Group.

Combining this rich practice andadministrative experience, Mary pursued her interest in training and professional development, which led to becoming a faculty member at Salem StateCollege School of Social Work, where she has served as Graduate Field Education Coordinator, MSW Program Coordinator and Chair. She completed her PhD at Boston CollegeGraduate School of Social Work, where her Dissertation research on resilience factors in child protective social workers, earned the Irene Stiver Dissertation Award from the Jean Baker Miller Research Network at the StoneCenter, Wellesley College. She has obtained several Federal Child WelfareTraining Grants and other private grants and is an accomplished grant-writing consultant and workshop presenter.

Mary has served on state-wide advisory boards and community service boards with agencies and local and national advocacy groups.


Professional Interests

Interests include:

- child and family research

- social work resilience and pro-resilient practices-

- multi-stressed family collaborative work and research

- collaboration with public agencies and care systems


Associate Professor, School of Social Work 

Project Consultant: MSW Saturday Program and Program Planning for School Social Work Licensure with School of Education

Former Field Education Coordinator, MSW Program Coordinator and Chair, Department of Social Work, Salem State University

President's Task Force on Faculty Teaching Workload Committee

Executive Board Member, Center for Community Schools, Salem State University

Statewide Advisory Board to Commissioner, MA Department of Children and Families

Community Advisory Board, Cambridge-Somerville Area, Department of Children and Families (Past President)

Board President, Family Continuity, Inc. 2012-2015

Selected Publications

Byrne, M. (2006)Strengths-Based Service Planning as a Resilience Factor in Child Protective Social Workers. Ann Arbor, MI: ProQuest Information and Learning Company.

Byrne, M andFisher, W. (2004) “Proving Ground: Field education and advanced generalistpractice,” in Thoughts on An AdvancedGeneralist Education: Models,readings and essays. Roy, A. and Vecchiolla, F. (Eds.) Peosta, Iowa:Eddie Bowers Publishing Co., Inc.

Byrne, M. Inpreparation stages for submission to Professional Development: Journal ofContinuing Education (JuriedJournal). (Spring, 2007). Social work field educators' voices:Motivations, supports, and recommendations for the future.

Byrne, M (2003) Building resilient organizations: CQI thatreally works. Common Ground 18:2, 2 and 8-9.

Byrne, M. andMoore, J. (2000) Ecological family assessment in the era of welfare reform: A trainingcurriculum for child welfare service providers. Washington, DC: ACF, Healthand Human Services. Also available on Web:, DC: National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information.

Byrne, M. (1999) Project FamilyMap and the Child WelfareScholar's Project. Common Ground (11/99)

Byrne, M. (1999) FOR Families initiative helps familiestransitioning off cash assistance.FOCUS. Boston, MA: NASW.

Byrne, M andGilrane, L. (1998) Preparing the childwelfare community for welfare reform:A collaborative team. Common Ground (5/98) Boston, MA: New England ChildWelfare Commissioner's Association.

Byrne,M. (1998) Welfare reform: Do youknow how it may impact your most vulnerableclients? FOCUS. Boston, MA: NASW.


Author and Principal Investigator, Council on Teaching and Learning Grant,2006. “Electrifying” the MSWField Education Curriculum: Field Education ResourceConnection. Successfully funded. Salem State College, Salem, MA.

Author and Principal Investigator, Salem State College Foundation, 2006. Certificate in Human ServicesLeadership and Supervision. (Proposed) Salem StateCollege, Salem, MA.

Councilon Teaching and Learning Grant, 2004. Collaborativelearning in social work field education: Field Instructor developmentseminars. Successfully fundedand completed. Salem State College, Salem, MA.

Author and Principal Investigator,Federal Child Welfare Training Grant, 1997-2000. Project FamilyMAP: Collaborative training of child welfare staff on the impact of Welfare Reform. Department ofHealth and Human Services: Administration of Children, Family and Youth:Successfully funded and completed

Author and Principal Investigator,Federal Child Welfare Training Grant, 1997-1999. Child Welfare Scholars Project. Department of Health and HumanServices: Administration of Children, Family and Youth: Successfully funded and completed

Author: Promoting Preventive andEffective Community Systems of Care. Federal Child Welfare Training Grant.1998.

Selected Presentations

Juried Presentations

Byrne, M. (June, 2016) Leading in times of trauma. Professional Development Series, Salem State University, Salem, MA.

Byrne, M. (2015, May) Developing Care professionals to be “Wellness Warriors": Keeping the caregivers well. Council on Teaching and Learning: Pearls & Perils Conference, Salem State University, Salem, MA

Byrne, M, Leisey, M., Slayter, E. Springer, C. (2014, June) Preparing Social Work Leaders: integrating the big and little “L” across the Curriculum. Social Work Network for Management and Leadership National Conference. Simmons College: Boston MA.

Byrne, M. (February, 2012) Developing Pro-Resilient Organizations. Leadership Forum, Child Welfare League of America National Conference. Washington, DC

Byrne, M.  (2011, October) Moving Beyond Supervisory Leadership: Fostering Alternative Leadership Skills among Child Protection Workers. Council on Social Work Education Annual 2011 Program Meeting. Atlanta, Georgia.

Byrne, M. (2010, June) Preserving Resilience for Helpers in a Risky World. Youth-at Risk Conference, Endicott College, Beverly, MA

Byrne, M. (2009, June) Having that “Difficult Conversation” with Clients: Necessary Confrontations. Youth-at-risk Conference, Beverly, MA.

Byrne, M. and Coleman, S. (2008, October) The Next Generation: The Changing Profiles of MSW students. Councilon Social Work Education Annual Program Meeting. Philadelphia, PA.

Byrne, M. (July, 2008) WhatSupports Resilience in Child Protective Workers? First National ResearchConference on Child and Family Programs and Policy. Bridgewater State College,Bridgewater, MA.

Byrne, M. (2008, June)Preserving Helpers’ Resilience in a Risky World. Youth at Risk Conference. Endicott College, Beverly, MA.

Byrne, M. (2007, August) Pro-resilient Practice Methods forFamily/Child Protective Social Workers (or Life-saving strategies for theCanaries in the Minefields).Improvisation for Lasting Change in Social Work. University of Maine, Orono,Maine.

Byrne, M. (2007, April) Resiliencein Child Protective Social Workers: Does a strengths-based approach makea difference? 16th National Conference on Child Abuse andNeglect. Portland, Oregon

Byrne, M. (2006, April) Strengths-basedservice planning as resilience factor in Child Protective Social Workers. National Association of Social WorkersMassachusetts Symposium. Marlborough, MA.

Byrne, M. (2006, April) Strengths-basedservice planning as resilience factor in Child Protective Social Workers. Council on Social Work Education AnnualProgram Meeting,. Chicago, IL.

Byrne, M. and Cowie, K. (2005, November) BuildingPartnerships with BSW/MSW Shools of Social Work: Are students Assets ofLiabilities? Massachusetts Council on Human Service Providers Conference.Boston, MA.

Byrne, M, Crane, C. DeChillo, M.and Breitborde, M-L. (2000, May) Family-CenteredSchool-Community Partnerships and FamilyResilience. National Family-Centered Training Conference, Portland Oregon.

Byrne, M. and Gilrane, L. (2000,April) Project FamilyMap: ComprehensiveFamily Assessment in light of WelfareReform. National Child Abuse Prevention Conference, Cornell University andNY State. Albany, NY.

Byrne, M. and Madsen, W. (2000,April). Copping an Attitude: Home-BasedFamily Intervention with ReluctantFamilies. NASW Symposium, Boston, MA.

Byrne, M. (2000, March) Building Training Partnerships: University and Child Welfare Systems. Children’s Bureau National TrainingConference, HHS. Washington DC

Byrne, M. (1999, June) Family Matters and Welfare Reform. Bertha Reynolds National Conference: Social Policy and Advocacy. SmithCollege, Northampton, MA.

Byrne, M. (1999, March) RegionalConsortium in Field Work: Building theNetwork. CSWE Annual Program Meeting: National Conference. San Francisco,CA.

Byrne, M. (1999, February). Presentation on Project FamilyMAP: ChildWelfare Training Grant, Children’s Bureau National Training Conference, HHS,Washington DC

Byrne, M. (1999, January) Adoption and Safe Families Act: PublicPolicy Forum. CollaborativeConference: Child Welfare League of America and Institute for Health andRecovery. Boston, MA.

Byrne, M. (1998, June) Welfare reform: The El Nino of family services? Fifth Regional New England Family-Based Providers Conference.Norwich, CT.

Byrne, M. (1998, May) Child Welfare Training: What's needed tosupport change? And how are the children: New England Regional Conferenceimplementing the Adoption and Safe Families Act. Children's Bureau:Administration of Children, Youth and Families, HHS.


Invited Presentations: All Available upon request

Byrne, M. (2013, May) What I did last summer: Developing a course for the social sciences in research and writing. Council on Teaching and Learning Annual Conference. Salem State University, Salem, MA.

Byrne, M. (2012, April) “Examined lives, Educated lives: Resilience in practice”. Trauma and Learning in Post Secondary Education. Mass Bay Community College, Wellesley, MA.

Byrne, M. (2011, November). A win-win or a bad date: How to make internship placements successful experiences for all. Wrentham, MA: Family Continuity Program, Bi-Annual Staff Development Day.

Invited Presentations prior to this date viewable on CV.


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