Shelley A Steenrod

Shelley A Steenrod

Professional Details

Title: Associate Professor
Office: 287 Lafayette-205
Phone: 978-542-7008
Resume: Shelley A Steenrod [DOC 65KB]

Spring Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
1610 01 SWK455A Services and Treatment for Substance Abuse
3105 02 SWK200 Social Services Volunteer Practicum
3503 P7 SWK722 Field Education II and Integrated Seminar II

Professional Biography

Shelley Steenrod, Ph.D., LICSW is a substance abuse and addictions specialist with clinical, policy, and academic credentials. Dr. Steenrod received her doctorate from the Heller School for Social Welfare Policy at Brandeis University in 1999 where she was a National Institute for Alcohol and Alcoholism (NIAAA) Trainee. She also holds a master in social work degree from Boston University (1989). Dr. Steenrod is an Assistant Professor at Salem State College School of Social Work where she teaches substance abuse and other social work courses to undergraduate and graduate students. As a licensed clinical social worker, Dr. Steenrod has direct experience working with individuals with substance abuse problems. She applies her clinical experience in the classrooms by using case examples and role-play. Dr. Steenrod's research has focused on the use of standardized screening and assessment tools, patient placement criteria and practice guidelines by substance abuse treatment professionals and organizations. She had consulted on several federally funded research studies and has sat on expert panels that have investigated the use of these standardized tools in clinical practice. Dr. Steenrod has worked with state and federal policy makers to improve services for substance abusing individuals especially women, cultural and ethnic minorities and individuals with co-occurring mental illness. She is also interested in the use of technology in social work classrooms and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Professional Interests

1) Substance abuse treatment 2) Evidence Based Practices (EBP's)3) Screening and assessment practices 4) Scholarship of Teaching & Learning 5) Use of Technology in teaching


Graduate courses: Substance Abuse Undergraduate courses: The Profession of Social WorkSocial Service Volunteer Practicum General Practice II Substance Abuse in Social Work

Selected Publications

Steenrod, S. (2007) The interface between non-specialty and specialty substance abuse treatment sectors:   Navigating the terrain in social work (Under Review).

Steenrod, S. (2006) Evidence-based practices and policy for publicly-funded substance abuse treatment and prevention agencies (Under Review).

Steenrod, S. (2006) Key differences between an online and traditional social work service learning course (Under Review).

Steenrod, S.  (2005) The use of evidence based treatment in outpatient substance abuse treatment programs.  Journal of Evidence Based Social Work.

Steenrod, S. (2004) The Impact of Managed Care on Evidenced Based Treatment Practices in Substance Abuse Treatment Programs. Journal of Best Practices in Mental Health:  An International Journal.

Steenrod, S., Brisson, A., McCarty, D., and Hodgkin, D.  (2001) Effects of managed care on programs and practices for the treatment of alcohol and drug dependence.  In Recent Developments in Alcoholism, Vol. 15: M. Galanter  (ed.) Services Research in the Era of Managed Care (pp. 51-70) Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers.

McCarty, D. & Steenrod, S. (2001) Are managed care and relapse prevention compatible?  In F.M. Tims and C.G. Leukefeld (Eds.)  Relapse and Recovery in Addictions (pp. 379-397).  New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

Selected Presentations

Steenrod, S. Supervising Social Work Students around Substance Abuse Issues: Knowledge, Skills and Values, New England Consortium of Graduate Social Work Field Educators, School of Social Work, Salem State College, April 2007.

Steenrod, S. Differences in a Web-Based and Traditional Service Learning Social Work Course.  Carnegie Summer Institute, Lowell, MA, June 2006. 

Steenrod, S. Creating Strong Relationships at Home.  The Foundation for Children with Behavioral Challenges Annual Conference, Marlboro, MA, June 2006. 

Steenrod, S. The Use of Laptops in Social Work Courses.  The Future is Now Conference, Salem State College, June 2006. 

Steenrod, S. Trends in Substance Abuse Treatment, New England Consortium of Graduate Social Work Field Educators, School of Social Work, Salem State College, April 2006.

Steenrod, S. The Use of Technology in Social Work Education, Council on Social Work Annual Program Meeting, Chicago, Ill., February, 2006.

Steenrod, S.  Caring for the Caregiver, Foundation for Children with Behavioral Challenges, 2nd Annual Conference, Presenter, July 2005.

Steenrod, S. The Use of Laptops in a School of Social Work or Other Human Service Department.  Presenter. Salem State College. The Future is Now Conference. 2005.

Steenrod, S.  Supervising Social Work Students around Substance Abuse Issues.  Guest Lecturer. Salem State College. Field Education Department. 2004.


Personal Interests

1) Health and fitness 2) Family

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