Social Work

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Graduate Course Details
Number SWK 722
Title Field Education II and Integrated Seminar II
Credits 3.0
Summer 2016 Classes
Sec Ref # Dates Days Times Location Instructor
P21 1438 7/11/16 - 8/20/16 TBA TBA TBA Shelley A Steenrod
P22 1439 7/11/16 - 8/20/16 TBA TBA TBA Susan Goldman
P23 1440 7/11/16 - 8/20/16 TBA TBA TBA Kathleen M Englehardt
P24 1856 7/11/16 - 8/20/16 TBA TBA TBA Laurie Grant


The foundation year graduate field education placement and seminar provides an opportunity for the foundation year graduate student in field practice to integrate theoretical constructs and information gained in the classroom with the experiential component gained in the field setting. Seminars are led by the student's faculty field liaison and meet once a month. The intent is to operationalize the generalist approach to practice through the living laboratory of field education and to further the development of a reflective professional social work identity. Prerequisite: SWK721. Prerequisite or corequisite: SWK 706.