Social Work

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Undergraduate Course Details
Number SWK 270
Title Understanding Diversity and Culture Competence in Human Services
Credits 3.0
Distribution V
Fall 2016 Classes
Sec Ref # Dates Days Times Location Instructor
01 3175 9/7/16 - 12/23/16 WF 10:50am - 12:05pm LAFAYETTE (104) Felix Amato
02 3177 9/7/16 - 12/23/16 W 1:40pm - 2:55pm LAFAYETTE (103) Adeline Wyman Battalen
03 3178 9/7/16 - 12/23/16 TBA TBA Online Shannon A Mokoro


The purpose of this course is to explore the meaning and implementation of culture competence in a social work context. Various aspects of human and social diversity will be explored, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, social class, and gender. The psychological and institutional cause and consequences of discrimination and oppression on a wide-range of populations are analyzed. Strength-based strategies for interacting with clients in human service agencies who have been victims of oppression and discriminatory policies are discussed. Readings, class discussions, and experiences aim to assist students in developing culturally competent social work values and techniques. Required of all Social Work majors and minors. Prerequisites: SOC201 and PSY101 or approval of Department chairperson.