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Mission Statement

Missions Statement

The mission of Bertolon School of Business is to educate and empower our students to engage responsibly in the global economy and to promote regional development as local leaders and entrepreneurs. We are committed to providing a transformative education in an inviting, collaborative, and interactive environment to help enhance the personal, academic and professional success of all our stakeholders.


To be a business school recognized for creating opportunity for students, community and faculty through a commitment to teaching excellence, research and civic engagement. To empower and inspire business students to believe in themselves and become productive members of their communities.


Student Success: We believe that student success takes many forms, but that its foundation is rooted in a culture of strong relationships.

Respect: We believe that the cornerstone of those relationships rests on a culture of respect for one another.

Growth: We believe that education provides multiple opportunities for continuously assessing and improving our practices as individuals and an organization.

Teaching Excellence: We believe that we are first and foremost a teaching institution.

Program Goals

Goal 1. Empower students to advance academically, personally, and professionally in a global environment.
Goal 2. Maintain a culture of continuous improvement.
Goal 3. Recruit and support high quality faculty and staff.
Goal 4. Identify, acquire, and steward resources.
Goal 5. Continue to improve the quality of BSB facilities. 
Goal 6: Foster our reputation for outstanding quality and value.
Goal 7. Engage with the community to develop lasting relationships that benefit our students and the region.

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