Did You Know?

Mission Statement

The Bertolon School of Business mission is to deliver high quality business education that empowers individuals to responsibly and successfully engage in the global economy and advance the region’s economic development.


To become a renowned business school focused on teaching excellence, practical research, and lifelong student success.


  • Student Focused:   Student success is our first priority.
  • Excellence and accountability:   We strive for continuous improvement in all that we do and measure our performance against goals.
  • Respect:   We treat everyone with dignity and respect in order to foster a superior learning environment that encourages diversity of thought.
  • Integrity:   We promote an environment of trust through openness and transparency.
  • Innovation:   We creatively overcome challenges and explore opportunities. 
  • Community engagement:   We engage with the community to enrich the community, enhance student learning and to provide students with a sense of community.
  • Personal growth:   We provide students, faculty and staff with opportunities for personal growth.



  • Ethical responsibilities: Our graduates will be able to recognize ethical issues and dilemmas and be able to make ethically based decisions and recommendations. 
  • Globalization and multicultural understanding: Our graduates will have a working knowledge of the global economy and business cultures. 
  • Communication and professional skills: Our graduates will be effective communicators and will have professional interpersonal skills.
  • Analytical thinking and reasoning skills: Our graduates will be able to use analytical thinking and reasoning skills to solve problems and make decisions and recommendations.
  • Content knowledge: Our graduates will learn the business core and respective concentration content knowledge and will be able to apply that knowledge in their respective concentrations.


  • Effective decision-making: Graduates will be able to recognize, analyze, and evaluate business problems.
  • Global and multicultural perspective: Graduates will be able to identify, analyze, and evaluate diversity and other business issues from a global perspective and make recommendations for change.
  • Communication: Graduates will be able to communicate effectively orally and in writing.
  • Analytical reasoning: Graduates will be able to apply appropriate techniques to solve business problems. 
  • Leadership: Graduates will be able to influence individuals and teams to achieve common goals.

Tools & Resources