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Leah E Ritchie

Professional Details

Title: Chairperson
Office: CC-127
Phone: None
Email: leah.ritchie@salemstate.edu

Summer Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
1252 91 MGT445 Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills for Managers
1262 01 MGT231 Management Theory and Practice
1266 21 MGT231 Management Theory and Practice
1861 D1 HRI500 Hospitality Internship

Professional Biography

Leah E. Ritchie is an Associate Professor and Department Chair. She has focused her research and teaching on promoting democratic practices in the workplace, developing social entrepreneurship and practicing effective conflict management.  She sits on the editorial board of the Journal of Workplace Rights, and is a certified mediator. She completed a Ph.D. in Organizational Communication from the University of Maryland in 1999, and earned the International Redding Award for the top dissertation in her field for that year. Her most recent publication, "Negotiating Power Through Communication: Using an Employee Participation Intervention to Construct a Discursive Space for Debate," will appear in the Journal of Communication Management (forthcoming).

Professional Interests

Negotiation and Mediation, Micro-lending, Social Entrepreneurship, Organizational Democracy


Department Chairperson

Selected Publications

Ritchie, L. E. (2010). Negotiating Power Through Communication: Using an Employee Participation

Intervention to Construct a Discursive Space for Debate. Journal of Communication Management(forthcoming).

Ritchie, L. E. (2006). "The organizational consultant as communication activist: A case study of a non-profit

organization", In L. R. Frey & K. Carragee (Ed.) Communication Activism (2 vols.). Cresskill, NJ: Hampton


Ritchie, L. E. & Berman, J. (2006). Competencies of undergraduate business students. Journal of Education

for Business, 81 (4).

Ritchie, L. E. (2004). The effects of the supervisor-staff relationship on defensive behaviors and critical

discussions in organizations: A case study of a U.S. hospital. The International Journal of Knowledge,

Culture and Change Management, 4.

Selected Presentations

Ritchie, L. E. (2010, July). Will We Ever Learn? The Costs of Profiteering and the Path toward a New Way.

International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations, Montreal, Quebec.

Ritchie, L. E. (2007). Ethical Problems of Organizational Activism. International Conference on Critical

Management Studies, Manchester, United Kingdom.

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