Religious Studies Minor

The religious studies minor offers the student a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of religion as a human endeavor. The student has the opportunity to meet his/her needs and interests by choosing (in consultation with the coordinator) four electives in at least two disciplines. In addition, the required seminar in comparative religion (normally taken as one of the last courses in the minor) presents the student with a broad but integrated perspective on religion.

Required (three credits)

IDS 470 Seminar in Comparative Religion three credits

Electives (12 credits)

Four courses from at least two disciplines, exclusive of the student's major area, to be chosen from the following:
ENG 378 The Search for God
ENG 480 Literature of the Bible
IDS 255 Comparative Religious Traditions
HIS 355 The Influence of History upon Religion
PHL 303 The Philosophy of Religion
PHL 310 Eastern Philosophy
SOC 309 The Black Religious Experience
SOC 314 On Death and Dying
SOC 316 Religion and Society
SOC 333 Peoples of India
SOC 334 Myth, Ritual and Society
SWK 435 Religious Institutions and the Delivery of Social Services