Interdisciplinary Studies Concentration

This is your opportunity to create an independent interdisciplinary course of study. This unique concentration was developed for a student who has a very specific professional objective/career and needs flexibility in planning a degree program. Students who create this independent course of study build a flow sheet reflecting courses that are cross disciplines. Any student interested in this concentration should initiate an appointment with the general studies coordinator for information regarding the application process. A formal proposal is required of each applicant that consists of a narrative including a statement detailing the student's goals which support the flow sheet created by the student. Students should apply to this concentration before completing 60 credits. Once the proposal is completed, it is submitted to the interdisciplinary studies academic advisory committee for review and final decision.

Limited enrollment in the general studies concentration is permitted for students from both day and evening. A minimum of 72 credits is required in the elective curriculum in this concentration. Of these elective credits, not more than 18 credits may be taken in the basic courses in the various subject areas. The remaining 59 or more credits must be taken above the introductory level in at least two disciplines and the program must show a progression through upper-division courses in the disciplines.

For further information regarding this concentration, admission requirements and approval of a plan of study, consult the coordinator of the bachelor of liberal studies major, general studies concentration located in the interdisciplinary studies department.