BA/BS Geography

Many of the students seeking the BS degree in geography will also be completing a second major in education. geography is an excellent major for students who are planning to teach at the elementary, middle or high school levels. The double major is also appropriate for students majoring in programs such as

  • Business
  • Political Science
  • Social Work
  • Criminal Justice

or a BS degree program from another department in the College of Arts and Sciences should also consider the BS program in geography as a second major or as a minor.

The BS program is also intended for students who know they will attend graduate or professional school after graduation from Salem State. The program offers flexibility in course selection so the student can personalize his/her studies and best prepare for the particular type of graduate school they wish to attend. Many of our graduates go on to graduate school in geography or cartography/GIS. Geography BA/BS majors should work closely with his/her faculty advisor when selecting courses.