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“Introduction to the Teacher’s Guide”[PDF] to familiarize yourself with the materials (2013)
College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education [PDF], released April 2013 by the Office for Vocational and Adult


Massachusetts PARCC webpage for higher education 2013:


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 New Resources from DESE (for data analysis) 2013:
Edwin Analytics will provide authorized districts with access to new information, reports, and perspectives on education and programs that specifically support improvements in teaching and learning. Edwin Analytics will integrate longitudinal data from pre-kindergarten through public post-secondary education to help inform decision making about how and where educators can improve their teaching practices to provide an exceptional learning experience to students. The Edwin Analytics tools will include the Massachusetts Early Warning Indicator System (EWIS), college and career readiness reports, and the Education Data Warehouse. Edwin Analytics will go live for all districts and schools beginning in January 2013.

Edwin Teaching & Learning
will provide online tools for educators to create standards-based curriculum maps, curriculum units and lesson plans, and the ability to build and deliver interim and formative assessments. Educators will also be able to access an array of digital materials and resources to aid in classroom instruction. All of the materials in Edwin Teaching & Learning will be aligned to the 2011 MA Curriculum Frameworks in English Language Arts and Literacy [PDF] and Mathematics [PDF], which incorporate the Common Core State Standards.

Admission Standards for MA Public Universities:
The MA Board of Higher Education (BHE) adopted new mathematics and science standards for admission to UMass and the state's public universities to better align admission standards with MassCore and ensure that students are prepared for college level work. To be eligible for admission to UMass and the state's four-year public higher education institutions, students will need: (1) Four years of high school math, including in their senior year, beginning with the college freshman class entering fall 2016; and (2) Three years of lab-based science, including the natural/physical sciences or technology courses, beginning with the college freshmen entering fall 2017. Also, effective immediately, students can now count college preparatory technology/engineering coursework as science. For more info, visit the Department of Higher Education's website at



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  • Massachusetts Department of Education Commoncore webpage









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    Power Point ESE Educator Evaluation Model System: Presented January 17, 2012, Peabody, MA








    District-Determined Measures – Technical Guide A:Technical Guide A, a supplement to Part VII [PDF] of the Mass. Model Educator Evaluation System, is now available at The guide describes key assessment concepts that district teams should consider when selecting district-determined measures. It also provides guidance on how to select or modify existing assessments and how to build a new assessment.(May 2013)





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"Licensure Changes Needed to Advance PreK-3 Alignment in Massachusetts”-- may be accessed at the following link:




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