The Salem State Log

The Salem Log Newspaper

The communications department oversees production of The Salem State Log, the student-run campus newspaper. The Log gives the Salem State community a wide variety of information about campus news and activities, and provides a forum for students, faculty and staff to express their diverse opinions. Besides being the independent voice of Salem State University students, The Log also serves as an educational enterprise for students to learn about the intellectual, creative, ethical, political, and financial, challenges involved in putting out a newspaper, including news reporting, writing, and editing; photography; layout, design, and production; distribution and subscription; advertising; budgeting; and staff and newsroom management.

Log staff encourage Salem State students to join the newsroom, which consists of a smart, funny, diverse, and dedicated team that covers news, features, sports, and politics. Students do not need to have journalism experience to join The Log; staffers have a variety of skills, abilities and interests, and are happy to show newcomers how to write and edit news stories, take photographs, do layout and design, and complete other duties. Staff meetings take place Mondays at 11 am in Ellison Campus Center, Room 018. For more information, email the editor-in-chief at  or come to the Monday meeting.

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