Jeramie A Silveira

Jeramie A Silveira

Professional Details

Title: Professor
Office: HB-326
Phone: 978-542-6694

Spring Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
3649 S1 OCT718 Theoretical Principles of Occupation IV
3650 S1 OCT720 OT Analysis and Intervention IV

Professional Biography

Dr. Jeramie Silveira OTD, MSOTR/L has been an associate professor in the Occupational Therapy Department at Salem State University for the past fourteen years serving as Chairperson and Graduate Coordinator. She currently serves as Acting Chairperson of the Occupational Therapy program. In fall 2012, Dr. Silveira was appointed as one of the University's Assessment Fellows to improve University-wide assessment of student learning outcomes. Recently she has published research on the use of flipped classrooms in improving student learning outcome and on infusing e-portfolio technology into the occupational therapy graduate curriculum. She has spoken nationally and internationally on her research investigating the use of multisensory environments to decrease maladaptive behaviors in clients with dementia and improving caregiver relationships. Currently she is investigating the use of telehealth models in particular Ipads for improving health promotion and prevention for elderly clients in the community setting. Dr. Silveira is fortunate to be collaborating with the Nursing and Social Work faculty on a strategic planning grant received in 2013 to develop an Interprofessional Health Education Institute which they hope will develop into interprofessional graduate certificates programs to meet the needs of allied health professionals and the community.