Occupational Therapy

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Graduate Course Details
Number OCT 715
Title OT Analysis and Intervention III
Credits 4.0
Co-requisites OCT 712
Fall 2016 Classes
Sec Ref # Dates Days Times Location Instructor
S1 3847 9/7/16 - 12/22/16 W 4:30pm - 9:50pm HB-126 Constance Messier
S2 3848 9/13/16 - 12/22/16 T 4:30pm - 9:50pm HB-206 Constance Messier
S3 3849 9/8/16 - 12/22/16 R 4:30pm - 9:50pm HB-111 Kathleen Schlenz


This course is designed to teach students to critically evaluate and assess pediatric and adolescent clients. Evaluation and assessment tools utilized with these age groups will be explored. Occupational therapy clinical reasoning skills will be developed through experiential and problem-based learning activities enabling students to write creative, individualized and occupationally based treatment plans. Limited to OCT Major.
Pre-requisites: OCT 814, OCT 813, OCT 823, OCT 811 OR OCT 412, OCT 413, OCT 611, OCT 613