Occupational Therapy

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Undergraduate Course Details
Number OCT 404
Title Perceptual and Cognitive Disabilities
Credits 3.0
Prerequisites OCT400 or OCT400N, OCT401, OCT402 and OCT403
Co-requisites OCT406, OCT408


This course examines occupational theory and treatment techniques associated with children and adults with cognitive-perceptual deficits. Deficits including dyspraxia, visuospatial and visuoconstructive disorders, sensory defensiveness, vestibular problems, and bilateral integration and sequencing problems will be discussed. Theories of brain function, hemispheric specialization, and cognitive-perceptual-motor treatment will be explored. Assessment and remediation strategies for constructional disabilities, sensory integration dysfunction, unilateral neglect and dyspraxia will be integrated. Three lecture hours per week. Limited to OCT majors.