School Status

All day classes are canceled for Monday, February 2, 2015. At this time evening classes, which begin at 4:30 pm, are still scheduled.

February 1, 2015


Dr. Keith A. Ratner, Graduate GIS Programs Coordinator
Specialties: GIS project implementation and management, urban and transportation geography

Dr. John Hayes
Specialties: physical geography, climatology, global climate change, GIS, environmental impact assessment, natural resource management, water resources, soils

Dr. William Hamilton
Specialties: computer assisted cartography, quantitative methods, GIS, digital image processing, physical, internships

Dr. Lorri Krebs
Specialties: tourism development, economic development, internet marketing

Dr. Marcos Luna
Specialties: Environmental Justice, Political Ecology, Public Health, Environmental Health, Environmental Policy, Environmental History, Social Justice and Inequality, and GIS analysis

Dr. Peter Sablock, Geology Department Chairman
Specialties: Geology, ground survey, GPS, ground penetrating radar

Dr. Stephen Young, Department of Geography Chairperson
Specialties: remote sensing, biogeography, China, geography as art