Did You Know?

Board of Benefactors

Mr. Roger Berkowitz
Chief Executive Officer, Legal Seafoods; Salem State Trustee

Mr. Sandy Block
Vice President of Food and Beverage Management
Master of Wine, Legal Seafoods

Ms. Ann Fitzpatrick Brown
General Manager, Blantyre

Daniel Bruce
Executive Chef, Boston Harbor Hotel

Mr. Richard Elia
Publisher, The Quarterly Review of Wines; Professor, Salem State University

Mr. Paul Jacques
General Manager, Boston Harbor Hotel

Mr. Carmine Martignetti
Chief Executive Officer, Carolina Wines

Mr. G. Randolph
Sheahan Editor, The Quarterly Review of Wines

Mr. William Sander
General Manager, The Seagate Hotel and Spa, Delray Beach

Mr. Erwin Schinnerl
General Manager, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel-Boston

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