Graduate Assistantship

Graduate assistantships are available for interested and qualified students each academic year.

The application deadline is March 1. Applications will still be accepted after March 1, and these students will be placed on a waiting list to be considered for any graduate assistantship positions that may become available.

There are two types of graduate assistantships, both are competitive and are based on the requirements listed below. The assistantship includes 10 hours of work per week at $12 an hour in the fall and spring semesters when classes are in session.  Assistants receive full tuition remission for fall and spring semesters when classes are in session (excluding summer and winter sessions), except for consortia, directed studies and theses courses. The student is responsible for all associated course fees. Students are welcome to submit a graduate assistant application even if they have not had a decision on their admissions application; the School of Graduate Studies will monitor admissions applications as they go through the process. The assistantship is for one academic year and may be renewable for a second year. Current graduate assistants interested in continuing for another year must reapply. There is a mid-year and end-year evaluation.

Graduate Program Assistantship Details

Graduate program assistantships are intended to encourage and assist superior students in pursuing their course of graduate study, to provide students with professional development opportunities, and to provide support for university projects.     

Graduate Research Assistantship Details

Graduate research assistantships are designed to link a graduate student with a faculty member on a meaningful research project. During the assistantship period, the graduate research assistant will work directly with a faculty member on a project, which may lead to a presentation at a conference, a joint publication, or other significant professional activity.

Graduate Assistantship Eligibility Requirements

Before submitting an application, please review the requirements below to ensure that you are eligible for a graduate assistantship. The School of Graduate Studies will verify your eligibility. Current Salem State University employees should inquire about eligibility. 

Graduate Assistantship Selection Criteria 

  • Full admittance into a master’s degree program at Salem State University (required)
  • Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field (required)
  • Minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA (preferred)
  • If required for admissions, satisfactory scores on standardized tests (preferred)
  • Enrollment in at least six credits each semester (required)
  • The assistantship may be renewable. Renewal applicants must maintain a 3.5 GPA.
  • Students may not have more than one graduate assistantship position at a time.

Please download the graduate assistantship student application [Word doc].

Award Information

Graduate assistants are awarded tuition remission for fall and spring semesters when classes are in session (excluding summer and winter sessions), except for consortia, directed studies and theses courses. Tuition remission is considered a financial resource in any financial aid award.

In addition, each full-time assistantship carries payment for work performed. The hourly rate of pay is $12, based upon a 10-hour work week while classes are in session. Payment is bi-weekly. 

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