About the Office of Licensure and Field Placement

The Office of Licensure and Field Placement (OLFP) functions as the central source of information about Massachusetts educator licensure regulations and requirements and is responsible for practicum placements and supervisor assignments.

The Educator Licensure Program prepares Salem State's education majors for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) license requirements. Admission into licensure programs is a multi-step process through which students must meet several requirements before beginning their student teaching (practica). Students should become familiar with their respective licensure program's requirements and Massachusetts DESE regulations, which are subject to change, immediately following acceptance into the major.

Students interested in obtaining an educator license outside of Massachusetts, as well as those who are new to the area, should consult with that state's education agency or the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education directly.  Massachusetts makes numerous different types of educator licenses available; Salem State offers programs for over 50 of these initial and professional educator licenses. Check us out!

The majority of our programs lead to initial licensure, but we also offer elementary and secondary education-approved programs for licensure endorsement at the professional level in early childhood preK-2, elementary 1-6, moderate disabilities preK-8 and 5-12, and visual art preK-8 and 5-12.

We do not offer preliminary licensure. If you are interested in preliminary licensure, we suggest you contact the elementary and secondary education department directly about a preliminary license.

Salem State Educator Licensure Programs: 

If you wish to be endorsed for licensure at the end of your practicum or graduate action research project and the program you have completed is an approved educator program with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education leading to initial or professional licensure, you will need to complete and return the following licensure forms to the OLFP:

If you are unsure if your program leads to licensure, please consult with your program coordinator or faculty advisor. Please go to licensure programs for information on the programs offered at Salem State.  

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