Salem State's educator preparation programs expose you to the world of real schools, classrooms and child care centers from your first course to your final practicum. In introductory education courses, you observe and participate in a variety of classroom settings in either one of our four laboratory schools or in another school in the region, experiencing a variety of teaching and learning models. Our strategic school partnerships include urban and suburban communities, traditional public schools, charter schools, and child care agencies, among others.

During the course of your program, you'll become increasingly involved in the classroom, from focused observations to one-on-one tutoring to small-group instruction. This culminates during your final student teaching practicum, when you will have opportunities to test lesson plans and whole teaching units. At all points during your education, you receive guidance and feedback from professors and field supervisors.

In addition to field work in schools and child care settings, the School of Education also provides opportunities for internships in community agencies with educational missions, such as museums, nonprofit organizations, after-school programs, and community centers. Through these internships, you'll learn of the options available to you following graduation; options that might include preparing for a career as a licensed teacher or working in nonprofit or private educational settings.

The Office of Licensure and Field Placement will assist you in selecting appropriate field sites for pre-practicum field experiences, student teaching practica and other field experiences.