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Gina Vega

Gina Vega

Professional Details

Title: Professor
Office: CC-212
Phone: 978-542-7417
Email: gina.vega@salemstate.edu
Resume: Gina Vega [DOC 184KB]
Website: http://www.salemstate.edu/~gvega

Spring Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
3983 06 MGT485 Internship in Management

Professional Biography

Born at a very young age in New York, Married, Two children, Ph.D.(Organizational Behavior/ Entrepreneurship)Dissertation: Letting Go: When Entrepreneurs Turn Into Managers, M.A. (Urban Studies/Community Development) Thesis: The Big Stick: A study of community opposition to group homes for the mentally retarded, B.A. (Romance Languages)

Professional Interests

Case Writing, Organizational transitions and succession, Entrepreneurship and small business development, Social entrepreneurship, Organizational structure and communication, Business Ethics and Spirituality


Director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Activity, MGT 337 Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management, MGT 375 Corporate Social Responsibility,  MGT 220  Entrepreneurship for  Non-Business Majors and Business Minors

Selected Publications

• Vega, G. (2013). The Case Writing Workbook: A Self-Guided Workshop. Armonk: M.E. Sharpe.

• Comer, D.R. and Vega, G.  (Eds.) (2011). Moral Courage in Organizations: Doing the Right Thing at Work.  Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe.

• Vega, G.  (2003).  Managing Teleworkers and Telecommuting Strategies.  Westport, CT:  Praeger Publishers.

• Vega, G.  (2001).  A Passion for Planning: Financials, Operations, Marketing, Management, and Ethics.  Lanham, MD:  University Press of America.

• Shirokova, G., Vega, G., & Kozyreva, T. (in press)  DiPaul,Inc.: Transitioning in Measured Measured Steps. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice.

• Shirokova, G., Vega, G. & Sokolova, L.  (2012)  Performance in Russian SMEs: Exploration, Exploitation, and Strategic Entrepreneurship, Critical Perspectives in International Business special issue: Russia: Solid as a Bric.

• Vega, G. & Ngugi, B. (2012). Unraveling Anonymous Criminal Networks: Lessons from a Cyber Defense Team,  Journal of Applied Case Research. Vol 10, No. 1. http://swcrahome.org/journal-of-applied-case-research/cases/v10n1/

• Comer, D. & Vega, G. (2011) PET and Workplace Spirituality. Journal of Management, Spirituality, and Religion,8 [1].

• Shirokova, G., Knatko, D. & Vega, G. (2011).  The Influence of Institutional Environment on CEO Succession: Evidence from Russian SMEs.  Journal of Ethics & Entrepreneurship, Vol. 1 [No1]. 41-60. Best Paper in ethics and entrepreneurship, USASBE 2011.

• Vega. G., Dumas, C., Kahn, B. & Mana, J.  (2011).  KaBloom!: Revolution in the Flower Industry. New England Journal of Entrepreneurship.

• Dumas, C., Hartstein, D., Kahn, B., Mana, J., Sergenian, G. & Vega, G. (2010).  KaBloom Explodes on the Scene. Case Research Journal, 30 [1].

• Vega, G. (2010). The Undergraduate Case Research Study Model.  Journal of  Management Education, 34 [4]. 574-604.

• Vega, G., Sherman, H. & Leach. T. (2009). Case Writing and Research: Professor Moore Reviews a Case.  The CASE Journal, Vol. 6, No.1.

• Shirakova, G. & Vega, G.  (2009). The Untsiya Company: Business Development in Russia.  Case and IM. The CASE Journal, Vol. 6, No. 1.

• Ngugi, B., Vega. G. & Dardick, G. (2009). PCI Compliance: Overcoming the Challenges.  International Journal of Information Security and Privacy, 3 (2), 54-67.

• Ngugi, B., Dardick, G.S., & Vega, G.  (2009). Lessons from Computer Intrusion at TJX. The CASE Journal, Vol. 5, No. 2. 

• Hung, K., Hunt, N., Vega, G., Levesque, L., Arslan, H. & DeLaunay, C.  (2009). Teradyne: On the road to China.  The CASE Journal, Vol. 5, No. 2. 

• Vega, G. (2009). Giving Voice to Values: Six Tips for Online Adoption.  Online paper available at www.aspencbe.org  Part of the Giving Voice to Values curriculum.  A project of the Aspen Institute and the Yale School of Management.

• Leach, T. C., Vega, G. & Sherman, H.  (2008). Case Writing and Research: Professor Moore Looks for a Better Way to Grade Student Case Analyses.  The CASE Journal, Vol. 5, No. 1.

Demarais, Edward, Sheckman, Sandra and Gina Vega. (2008). Customer service at the Jewish Community Center. The CASE Journal, Vol. 4, No. 2. Case and Instructors' Manual.

Hung, Kuo-Ting and Gina Vega. (in press). Kaltim Plywood: Production improvement in developing countries. Journal of the International Academies for Case Studies. Case and Instructors' Manual.

Comer, Debra and Gina Vega. (Jan. 2008). Using the PET Assessment Instrument to help students identify factors that could impede their moral behavior. The Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 77, No. 2. 129-145.

Vega, Gina and Pat Primeaux, SM. (2007). Reinventing the Congregation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The CASE Journal, Vol. 4, No. 1. www.caseweb.org

Vega, Gina and Herbert Sherman. (2007). Case research and writing: Professor Moore teaches a case. The CASE Journal, Vol. 4, No.1. www.caseweb.org

Michael Santos, Gina Vega, and John Barkoulas. (2007). Both sides of the story: Teaching a constrained shareholder wealth maximization goal in finance. Journal of the Academy of Educational Leadership. Vol. 11, No. 3. 107-130.

Vega, Gina and Roland Kidwell. (2007). Towards a typology of new venture creators: Similarities and contasts between business and social entrepreneurs. The New England Journal of Entrepreneurship, 10 [2]. 15-28.

(2007). Teaching business ethics through service learning meta-projects. Journal of Management Education, 32 [5]. 647-678.

(May2007). Business succession at Building #19: Overall, it's better to be the father than the son. Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice.


Selected Presentations

• Comparison of Social Network Influence on 3 Stages of Entrepreneurial Firm Development:  Evidence from Russian Gem Data  (with Shirokova, G. and But, I.)  (October 6-9, 2012).  32nd  Strategic Management Conference, Prague, Czech Republic.

• Separation of Management and Control in SMEs from Emerging Markets: The Role of Institutions. With G. Shirokova & D. Knatko.  Academy of Management Annual Meeting. (August 7, 2012).  Boston, MA.

• Using Cases for Sustainable Learning. EABIS (The Academy of Business in Society) 11th Annual Colloquium (IMD, July 2-4, 2012). Geneva, Switzerland.

• Non-Conventional Cases: Cases and Case Materials Delivered in Innovative, Unexpected, and Non-Traditional Formats. With Rebecca Morris.  2012 CASE Conference (EAM, May 2012). Philadelphia, PA.

• Learning about business one entrepreneur at a time: Using a case study variant model to teach entrepreneurship to undergraduates.  (USASBE Conference Jan. 12, 2012).  New Orleans, LA.

• The Howling Wolf Taqueria: Marketing the Good Wolf. With Christopher Titus. NACRA. San Antonio, TX. October 2011.

• Unraveling Anonymous Internet Criminal Networks: Lessons from a Cyber Defense Team. With Benjamin Ngugi. 2011 CASE Conference (EAM, May 2011). Boston, MA

• Publishing Your Case and Teaching with Cases: Tips, Techniques and Pedagogical Approaches. CASE Professional Development Workshop. 2011 CASE Conference (EAM, May 2011).  Boston, MA

• ** The Influence of Institutional Environment on CEO Succession: Evidence from Russian SMEs.  (USASBE, January 2011).  Hilton Head, SC.

• **Tara Trade:A Marketing Challenge in Lebanon. With Nisreen Bahnan. (USASBE, January 2011).  Hilton Head, SC.

• **Rumor or Reality? (USASBE, January 2011).  Hilton Head, SC.

• Qualitative Methods and Entrepreneurs; Case Research Study Model: Business One Entrepreneur at a Time; Writing Cases and IMs.  St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia (May 2010).  Fulbright Senior Specialist presentations.

• DiPaul Inc: Transitioning in Measured Steps. 2010 CASE Conference (EAM, May 2010). Portland, ME

• Moral Courage in Organizations.  Adult education presentation at Temple Emanu-El, Haverhill, MA.  January 24, 2010.

• KaBloom!  Revolution in the Flower Industry. (with Colette Dumas, Beverly Kahn, and Jafar Mana). NACRA (North American Case Research Association).  Durham, NH.  October 23-25, 2008.

• **Peanut butter and chocolate: Combining experiential exercises and teaching with cases.   Managing in a Global Economy Conference XII.  Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  (June 24-28, 2007).

• **PET in action: An assessment instrument that identifies factors that could impede moral behavior.  Eastern Academy of Management, Experiential Learning Association.  New Brunswick, NJ.  (May 16-19, 2007).

• **Teradyne: On the road to China. (case and teaching note).  (co-authored with K. Hung, N. Hunt, L. Levesque, H. Arslan, C. DeLaunay).  The CASE Association.  New Brunswick, NJ.  (May 16-19, 2007).

• Transforming experiences: Reflections on mentors and mentoring, as a tribute to Barry Armandi.  (with D. Shichtman, S. Gopalikrishnan, D. Gibson).  (Abstract only).  All-conference Symposium for the Eastern Academy of Management.  New Brunswick, NJ.  (May 16-19, 2007).

Moral intuition and organizational transformation. (co-authored with P. Primeaux). Sixth International Conference on Catholic Social Thought and Management Education: The Good Company. Rome, Italy. (October 5-7, 2006).

Both sides of the story: Teaching a constrained shareholder wealth maximization goal in finance (co-authored with M. Santos). 5th Global Conference on Business & Economics. Cambridge, England. (July 6-8, 2006).

Live from New York: The CASE Apprentice in Action (case competition to benefit a social entrepreneur-abstract only). 30th Anniversary of The CASE Association. Saratoga Springs, NY. (May 12-14, 2006).

Toward a typology of new venture creators: Similarities and contrasts between business and social entrepreneurs (co-authored with R. Kidwell). Conference on Ethics and Entrepreneurship. Carlson School - University of Minnesota. (April 28-29, 2006).


Personal Interests

Photography Travel Writing