Master Of Education (MEd) in Higher Education in Student Affairs

Our program is designed for those pursuing a career in student affairs administration, a profession that supports college students and promotes learning outside of the classroom. Practitioners work in areas like admissions, financial aid, multicultural affairs, residence life, and more.

HESA students can choose from two tracks. Both tracks are the same credit hours, contain the same courses and are taught by the same professors but are offered in different formats. Students from both tracks will be expected to complete all requirements of the program including the two practicums.

The Original Track requires students to attend up to three classes per semester on campus. The majority of the courses are offered in the traditional classroom format with a few hybrid/online courses.

The new Executive Track (which is scheduled to be launched in the Summer of 2013) will include all current core courses offered in an on line/hybrid format. The members of the executive cohort will meet on campus once per month (on a specified Saturday) and will be required to complete a week long residency program in their first and second summers.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Faculty with years of practical experience in student affairs and higher education.
  • Cohorts featuring diverse students, both in age and professional background. Your classmates may have many years of work experience, be changing careers, or be a recent graduate.
  • A focus on professional development. The competencies and theories you learn in your classes and practicum can be applied directly to your career.
  • Only program offered in the public sector in the Boston metro area.

"By being in a cohort, I was able to build relationships with other students. I did not feel intimidated about sharing my ideas. Being able to listen to others and have my ideas appreciated meant a lot to me." Erika Stevens, 2006 Graduate