SMS Assessment

The Athletic Training Program and Sport and Movement Science Concentrations have specific learning outcomes that are assessed and reevaluated on a regular basis.  Learning outcomes are consistent with accreditation and professional standards and are assessed through a variety of methods including national and state exams, course tests, written assignments, practical activities, presentations, portfolios, lab and field experience, and performance and choreography.

Student scholarship is evident in the number of peer-reviewed publications, poster presentations, and state and national presentations generated by Athletic Training and Sport and Movement Science students. Three programs are nationally accredited:  Athletic Training, Physical Education, and Health and Consumer Science.  Sport Management is a nationally approved program.  Fitness/Wellness and Recreation Management conducted self-studies as a first step towards accreditation. Specific learning outcomes, methods for assessing programs, and how assessment data is used for feedback is specified in the department’s Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Matrix.

Physical Education Teacher Education Program Outcomes Matrix