Steven P Dion

Steven P Dion

Professional Details

Title: Chairperson
Office: OK-121
Phone: 978-542-6580

Summer Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
1693 01 SMS101 Special Topics: Sms Activity
2042 D21 SMS500 Directed Study in Sport & Movement Science

Professional Biography

Dr. Dion graduated from Springfield College with a BS degree in Health & Fitness in 1995, a MEd in Health Promotion in 1997, a C.A.G.S. and Certificate in Health Education in 1999 and earned his doctorate from UMASS Lowell in 2009.

Professional Interests

In addition to topics and content related to school health education, Dr. Dion's interests are stress and stress management, nutrition and performance, and sport and physical performance.


Dr. Dion is currently the chairperson for the Sport and Movement Science Department as well as the Health & Consumer Science Teacher Preparation Program Coordinator.

Selected Presentations

Dr. Dion routinely presents on topics related to achieving optimal health and wellness, triathlon training and sport nutrition.

Personal Interests

Dr. Dion is an avid triathlete enjoying competing in and training for triathlons of all distances alongside his wife.