Direct Entry/MSN

The Direct Entry/MSN program is designed for college graduates who hold a bachelor's degree in a field other than nursing and want to pursue nursing as a second career. 

Step 1: Cohorts begin each May. For the first 15 months (full summer, fall, spring and another full summer) you will have classes and clinicals on a full-time basis during the day, in the evening and on weekends.

Step 2: If you complete the required prerequisites and 52 nursing credits, you are then eligible to apply for and take the NCLEX-RN licensing examination. 

Step 3: Upon successful passing of the NCLEX-RN exam, you then continue with the program either on a full or part-time basis. 

Step 4: Prior to enrollment into any MSN clinical courses, students must complete six months of work experience as an RN.

Direct Entry/MSN Handbook (PDF)

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