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Undergraduate Course Details
Number SMS 495
Title Senior Seminar in Sport Management
Credits 3.0
Distribution W
Prerequisites SFL220B or SMS290, SFL242 or SMS291, SFL431A or SMS302, SFL327B or SMS390, SFL329 or SMS391, SFL376 or SMS392, and SFL326A or SMS396. Senior status and permission of Department Chair
Winter/Spring 2017 Classes
Sec Ref # Dates Days Times Location Instructor
01 3862 1/17/17 - 5/15/17 TBA TBA TBA Stuart G McMahon
02 3965 1/17/17 - 5/15/17 T 4:25pm - 5:15pm OK-102 Stuart G McMahon


This course serves as a capstone for the Sport Management Concentration. It integrates current information to prepare students to enter the sport industry. Developing a professional, and personal philosophy of sport management will be covered. Additionally, resumes, job searches, graduate school programs and entry-level job requirements and expectations will be addressed. Three lecture hours per week. Required for Sport Management Concentration. Not open to students who have received credit for SFL455A.