Work Study Information

How do I apply for work-study?

You are automatically considered for work-study if you have applied for financial aid with the Salem State financial aid office. Work-study is awarded to a limited number of eligible students as part of their financial aid package.

Who is eligible for work-study funds?

Eligibility for federal work-study funds is determined by the financial aid office according to their guidelines and is based entirely on financial need of the student and federal funds available.

How much money can I make through work-study and how often will I be paid?

The amount of work-study money you are eligible for will be noted in your financial aid award letter. MSW students are currently paid bi-weekly at the rate of $10 an hour. Students may not exceed the amount awarded by working more hours.

What if I was turned down for financial aid but my financial need has changed?

It often happens that students complete the federal FAFSA form, which determines their need, but prior to entering school they may have a significant change in their income. If this occurs students must notify the financial aid office and arrange to meet with staff in order to have their financial aid award reconsidered.

Under what circumstances can I use my field placement as a work-study site?

Students should notify the field office at the time of the placement process, if they are interested in applying for work-study, so that they can be placed in a qualifying agency.

  1. MSW students who are eligible for work-study must be placed in a non-profit agency.
  2. The agency must be willing to sign a standard contract with the school and agree to sign and mail time sheets for you, verifying your work-study hours.

Can I get paid for the internship hours I am already required to do for the field practicum course?

MSW students deemed eligible for work-study may use their work-study award at their internship and be paid for hours that are already counted as internship hours. They do not need to put in additional time. Once the award is paid out to the student however, which could be in the first semester, students should realize there are no additional funds. Therefore, students should take personal responsibility to plan carefully for distribution of work study funds, according to their needs across the full academic year.

If I am out sick will I lose my work-study money for that week?

Work-study funds are flexible. For example, if you are out sick or decide due to exams not to put in the additional time, you will not lose the time but may make it up over the course of the academic year.

Who do I contact if I am interested in using my agency as a work-study site or have questions?

You should notify Naomi Dreeben in the field education department 978.542.7055 or email Naomi Dreeben if you are interested in work-study at your field placement.

If you want more information from the student employment office, you may contact Craig Licchi at 978.542.6073. Hiring forms W-2, M-4 and M-19 must be completed. For more specific information regarding the hiring process please visit Student Employment.

Where can I find more information regarding financial aid at Salem State University?

Comprehensive information and forms for financial aid may be found on our Financial Aid website.