Philip Swanson

Philip Swanson

Professional Details

Title: Professor
Office: CC-266
Phone: 978-542-6504

Spring Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
1390 01 MUS141 Applied Piano I
1391 01 MUS146 Applied Music Composition I
1409 01 MUS241 Applied Piano II
1410 01 MUS246 Applied Music Composition II
1414 01 MUS332N Music Theory III
1415 01 MUS333 Ear Training III
1417 01 MUS341 Applied Piano III
1418 01 MUS346 Applied Music Composition III
1422 01 MUS441 Applied Piano IV
1423 01 MUS446 Applied Music Composition IV
2909 03 MUS161 Applied Instrumental Music I
2932 03 MUS261 Applied Instrumental Music II
2953 03 MUS361 Applied Instrumental Music III
2975 03 MUS461 Applied Instrumental Music IV
2988 01 MUS504 Seminar: Topics in Music
2992 04 MUS106N Piano Class I
2993 S1 MUS106N Piano Class I
3779 01 MUS500 Directed Study

Professional Biography

Philip Swanson has had a distinguished career as a trombonist, pianist, organist, composer, conductor, and teacher. He received a Doctor of Musical Arts from New England Conservatory, Master of Music from the Eastman School, and completed his undergraduate work at Oberlin Conservatory and the University of Miami.

As a trombonist, he has performed with the Miami Philharmonic, where he served as principal for five years, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston Pops, Opera Boston, Boston Lyric Opera, Boston Modern Orchestra Project, and numerous other orchestras and chamber ensembles. He is founder of the brass chamber ensemble Morgenmusik, which features trumpet virtuoso and Eastman professor James Thompson. He performs regularly with several jazz groups including Chamber Jazz Trio and Bob Nieske's Big Wolf Project. He appears frequently in concert as a solo pianist performing his own works as well as his improvisations on jazz standards. He also has collaborated with poet J.D. Scrimgeour, forming the group “Confluence” which combines Scrimgeour’s poetry with his music. They have performed throughout New England to wide acclaim.
Swanson is an Associate Professor of Music at Salem State College, where he teaches music theory, composition, piano, and trombone. Since 1991, he has been Music Director of the First Congregational Church of Rockport, Massachusetts, where he serves as organist and choir director.

Swanson has written and published numerous works for various instrumental and vocal ensembles. He can also be heard on a wide range of recordings, including two solo piano albums of original works, an organ and trombone c.d. with organist Barbara Bruns, several small group jazz albums, and performances with larger ensembles, including John Williams and the Boston Pops. For more information on his recordings, visit