Brian J Travers

Professional Details

Title: Associate Professor
Office: SB-308B
Phone: 978-542-6339
Resume: Brian J Travers [PDF 96KB]

Spring Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
1523 01 MAT123 Mathematics for the Elementary Teachers I
1538 01 MAT218 Introduction to Mathematical Computing
1539 01 MAT220 Calculus I
2980 S1 MAT708 Introduction to Cryptography
3693 01 MAT420 Special Problems Seminar
3960 S1 EDU925MS Practicum Seminar in Teaching Mathematics (8-12)
3961 P1 EDU925MP Practicum in Teaching Mathematics (8-12)
3997 P1 EME990PM Practicum in Middle School Mathematics
3998 S1 EME990SM Practicum Seminar in Middle School Mathematics

Professional Biography

I received a PhD in mathematics from the University of Rhode Island in May, 2004 and began teaching at Salem State College in the mathematics department in the Fall of 2004.  I had taught high school prior to attending gratuate school full-time, but I think I am better suited to teach at the collegiate level.

Professional Interests

My field of study is Block Design and I am interested in Graph Theory.  I am also interested in training the future teachers of secondary and middle school mathematics.


In addition to my teaching load, I am the chairperson of CLAS (Committee on Licensure in the Arts and Sciences) at Salem State. If you have any interest in teaching high school math, please feel free to contact me. I also serve on the mathematics department curriculum committee and the Education Unit assessment committee.

Selected Publications

See my CV for publications.

Personal Interests

I am captain of the Providence Grays, a vintage base ball club that plays by the rules of 1884 National League Base Ball.  We are dedicated to the preservation of and playing by the correct interpretation of the great American game.  If interested, please visit