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Undergraduate Course Details
Number MAT 490
Title Senior Seminar in Mathematics
Credits 3.0
Distribution W
Prerequisites Successful completion of the calculus sequence (MAT220, MAT221 and MAT320) MAT304A, and either MAT411 or MAT303A and a W-II course


This course is a culminating experience for the mathematics major. Students will read mathematics journal articles, work problems and prove theorems derived from those articles, study topics independently, give oral presentations and write a mathematical paper. The paper may be expository or original in nature and students will hand in several drafts and make necessary revisions before the final product is completed. In the process, students will need to review and apply skills learned in previous courses as well as independently study new concepts. Students will be exposed to the ""nuts and bolts"" of doing mathematical research along the way, including using common databases for finding papers and typesetting a paper properly. Three lecture hours per week. Required of all mathematics majors.