Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in History - Curriculum

Visit the 2016-2017 School of Graduate Studies catalog History, Master of Arts in Teaching page for more course details and program requirements.

Pre-Practicum and Practicum Notes

You must complete a total of 75 hours of pre-practicum observation in the classroom. Each of the three courses listed below offer a total of 25 hours of pre-practica, so plan on doing pre-practica in these courses. Not all students taking these courses need pre-practica, so it is up to you to speak to your course professor to make arrangements for the pre-practica. Pre-practica is designed to give you a variety of classroom experiences, so the three pre-practica should be done in at least two different schools. 

Some students wait to complete the practicum as their last course; however, some students complete the practicum earlier to become eligible for initial licensure. Practicum prerequisites are as follows:

  • EDU 705 Responding to diversity in the classroom
  • EDU 990E Developing effective programs for special needs students
  • HIS 702 Methods, techniques and strategies in teaching history 

Plan on taking the two education courses prior to taking HIS 702.

Practicum courses require registration by a deadline. Visit our Licensure and Certification page for practicum details.


Tools & Resources