Master of Arts (MA) in History

About the MA in History

The MA in History gives you the opportunity to explore a wide range of historical fields and methodologies. Our students are encouraged to develop concentrations in historical areas of interest. 

Many of our graduate students focus on some aspect of United States history. Our location on the North Shore of Massachusetts provides abundant primary source material. Because of Salem's role in Puritan colonization, the Witchcraft Trials of 1691-1692, and early industrialization, you will have access to an abundance of sources to support research in every period of the American Past.

  • View other major repositories located within a half-day driving distance of the college.

In addition, our department boasts world-class historians in African history, Asian history, European history, Latin American history, and Russia and East European history. The North Shore also hosts a number of collections from other regions of the world and we encourage graduate students to take courses and do primary research in these areas as well.


Program requirements

Choosing Between the MA in History and MAT in History

The majority of our MA in History students are:

  • Area high school teachers who have an initial teaching license but seek professional licensure;courses provide teachers intellectual stimulation and allow teachers to bring their excitement of history back to their students and classrooms.
  • Current or future professionals in area museums and historical agencies.
  • Preparing for doctoral studies in history.
  • Taking our graduate courses just because they love history

The majority of our MAT in History students are:

  • Working toward the initial licensure needed to begin a career as a history teacher in grades 8 - 12  
  • The MAT degree consists of both history and education courses.

Educator Licensure