Master of Science (MS) in Geo-Information Science - Curriculum

Along with GIS courses, students take classes in remote sensing, spatial database, spatial statistics, and ground survey. Two electives in an area of your choice are also required. The goal of all courses is to help students become effective GIS practitioners. 

Visit the 2016-2017 School of Graduate Studies catalog Geo-Information Science, Master of Science  page for more course details and program requirements. 

    Real-world projects are incorporated in to many of the classes. Examples have included determining the best locations to site new playgrounds, evaluating the impact of rail trails on property values, and mapping unequal exposure to environmental hazards in Massachusetts. Projects specifically benefitting the cities of Boston and Salem as well as the state of Massachusetts have been conducted.  

    Thesis and non-thesis options are available, as well as a graduate certificate in GIS. We will help you choose a meaningful educational experience, regardless of your academic goals.

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