Careers in History

History is more than a discipline - it is a way of life. Studying history gives you skills that you will use throughout your life, whatever career path you choose. Historians learn how to be effective and communicators and critical thinkers. They know how to analyze data and to synthesize it to make an effective argument, and to evaluate other's lines of reasoning. Most college graduate today will have several different careers during their lives. A degree in History gives you transferrable skills that are useful in any career.

Yes, some history majors become teachers, museum professionals and archivists, but others go on to be web designers, journalists, and even CIA agents.  An undergraduate degree in history also provides a good background for graduate studies, particularly law school. You can do lots of things with a History degree!

Here are just a few of the numerous career paths for History majors.

K-12 Educators
History Professors
Museum Professionals
Historic Preservationists
Writers and Editors
Information Managers
Lawyers and Paralegals
Legislative Staffers
Park Rangers

For more ideas on what you can do with a History degree, visit the American Historical Association's Careers for History Majors.